Who I am

Hello, welcome to AFREELIGHT, my blog!

I'm passionate about free-market economics, entrepreneurship and investing. I have a desire to help and contribute, with however little I can, to making our world more prosperous and free. I like to read and write. I'm also a blockchain technology enthusiast.

Why I do this


Understanding and getting economics right is indispensable for building a freer and more prosperous world. Because the consequences of getting it wrong, however long it may take to come back and bite, are devastating. 

Modern economics is filled with complex statistical and mathematical computer-based  modeling and sophist technical terms which scare the average person from trying to understand it. But more detrimentally, the fallacies and misunderstandings that plague mainstream economics for decades now, have become so imbedded into all layers of society that questioning today’s economic and monetary systems is a revolutionary act. 

In the meantime, centrally imposed economic "solutions" continue to fail to strengthen economic fundamentals and deliver sound and sustainable growth. The fact of the matter is that is under our current economic system economies remain frail and ailing. 

In this context of confusion and uncertainty some people say the "free-market" is failing and we need even more centrally imposed "solutions". Well I have a different perspective. To me, it is not that the "free market" has failed, (we do not really have free market economies), but rather it is mainstream economics (debt-based-fiat-currency-keynesian economic system) that has been failing for the past many decades. 

Having been born and raised in a marxist socialist country that, after the fall of the Soviet Union, transitioned into a pseudo “market economy” and considering that I have had the opportunity to live in developed countries like the United States and Switzerland, which historically was pretty close to a pure market economy, and after doing some research and my own thinking, I say, without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever, that the market economy (not to be confused with today’s fiat-currency-keynesian economies) is, however imperfect it may or may not be and despite today’s antagonism toward it, a social system morally, sociologically, economically, technologically and environmentally superior to available alternatives. 

That being so, the purpose of this blog is to :


  1. be a source of information and inspiration for people interested in economics, business, investing, humanity, peace, freedom and prosperity. 

  2. help elevate the level of understanding of fundamental and universal principles of economics with by producing relevant educative content with honesty and simplicity. No sophism or euphemism here.

  3. help elevate the level of economic and financial literacy.​

  4. share my perspective and insights about the economy, business and investing.



This is a personal blog, not an academic journal or peer-reviewed blog or a sponsored publication. Therefore, I will not accept any liability whatsoever derived from the interpretation, misinterpretation, citation, usage or application the information and content shared on this page. It is the reader’s responsibility to research and verify their facts and information before making assumptions an acting.


Since we are critically-thinking human beings, the views, opinions and information provided on this blog may and are subject to change, revision, and rethinking at any time. Be levelheaded and do not hold me to them in resentment and/or perpetuity.


The information, views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other person, persons, institution, group or company.


Comments on this blog are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writers will take full responsibility and liability for any litigation that result from something written in a comment. Therefore, feel free to challenge, agree or disagree with me in the comments section - but note that I reserve the right to delete any comment deemed intolerable (abusive, profane, rude, impolite, etc.) – so keep it respectful and relevant!

Thank you for your understanding. So let's learn, share, grow and have some fun too!

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